Stay efficient in a growing world of Axies!


Explore all of Axie sales in details. Get a grasp of Axie Market, it's floor prices and volume. Variety of filters available to choose from!

Sales Explorer

by AxieWorld

Explore all cards in Axie Universe - build and theorycraft your game!

Cards Explorer

by AxieWorld

Feel that shudder of opening and revealing your petite Axies. Useful for streamers to show of their breeds  to their audience.

Axie Opener

by Clumsier

Add-on for chrome browser to help play Axie Infinity. This extension will show number of breeds, HP, speed, purity, and pending exp. When mousing over the stat line, it will show you hidden genes.

Freak's Axie Extension

by Freak

Are you curios which land on market close to yours? Check this tool and find out, also you can use it in trades with other people and see what they have and what you can offer

Axie Sales Map

by Freak

Simple tool to check prices on items with various amount of filters

Land Items Marketplace Assistant

by RivAngE

Simple list of all items of Lunacia

List of All Items

by Freak

Another list of items in Lunacia World

List of Items V2

To find the perfect match for your Axies, check out the breeding calculator! It can tell you what the offspring would probably look like based on the parents.

Breeding Calculator

by Freak

Need the lastest and greatest info on your favorite blockchain game? Then look no furhter than Axie Stats!

Axie Statistics

by Uselezzz

Some parts are rarer than others and vice versa. Your Axie might look ugly, but it could be made of really rare parts! To see all the parts that have ever existed, head over to this page. 

Trait Count

by Freak

Want to know if you Axies have recessive or dominant traits? Want to go back to those CryptoKitties days where you were an expert gene reader? Take a nostalgia trip and check out the gene reader!

Gene Reader

by Freak